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The alliance of audacity and seduction

Gonxhe is a sexy woman who shocks with her attractiveness and attitude. She represents the wild spirit of Albania, where raki comes from, her taste synonymous with exploration, fearlessness and curiosity coupled with seductive aromas and unapologetic effects.


​Gonxhe is the alliance of audacity (the powerful taste of provocation) and seduction (its surprising aromas). It is:

​• strength

• explosiveness of aromas and sensations

• provocation, glamour and malice

• a well-kept and multi-faceted secret… like Albania, a country with a sulphurous image but considered to be the next tourist jewel of Europe.



It all starts with a love story, obviously.

Ani and Nicolas met in Paris in 2008 through Craigslist. Nicolas had a studio to rent and Ani needed a place to stay for a few days in Paris.

10 years after, they celebrated their love with an amazing party: a joyous wedding by the cerulean Ionian Sea in Albania.   As Albanian tradition has it, raki was on every table, a drink which the French and international friends had never tasted before.  And so, the magic began: arms crisscrossed in groups of friends and newly acquainted, everyone danced wildly and sang joyfully into the night, the moon and the sea our witnesses. It was a memorable night.

The next day their international friends could not stop praising raki for they felt amazing during the party and refreshed and light the next day.   Maybe it was the air, or the mountains, or the sea.  Or maybe it was raki…

That is when Gonxhe was born. Ani and Nicolas thought to introduce raki to the rest of the world, initially starting with Paris, where they both live.

Roses Welder


Ani is a business development manager who develops renewable energy projects around the world. She brings to the table business acumen and her passion for entrepreneurship... and for raki being albanian and raised with this drink being present in all family gatherings.

Nicolas is a communications expert specializing in international sporting events. He has worked for the Rugby World Cup, European Athletics competition, etc. Nicolas brings with him a long experience in event coordination and communication/marketing strategies.

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